Why was the 7th Discovery Trust Muck Transport Model Award included in the Chenglong H5 Muck Truck?

With the new infrastructure construction, the market demand for muck trucks continues to rise. On the other hand, the state's requirements for environmental protection standards have been continuously improved, especially the continuous introduction of new regulations for the management of muck trucks, which once again stimulated the upgrading of muck trucks. In the process of discovering that the trust reporter visited the market, following the operation scene of the muck truck, extensively interviewed the leaders, dispatchers and drivers of the muck operation enterprise, and found that the Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H5 muck truck is compliant, lightweight, comfortable, Reliability and other characteristics, such a muck truck is a brand model trusted by users.


On February 22, 2022, the 7th Discovery Trust China Truck User Survey and Selection sponsored by Truck.com arrived in Nanjing as scheduled. All the trust awards at the award ceremony were announced one by one. The vehicles were judged from the perspective of TCO and recommended by users. In one fell swoop, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H5 muck truck won the "2022 User Trustworthy Muck Transport Model" award.


As we all know, as the main force of urban construction, muck trucks undertake a large number of urban construction and transportation tasks. They can be described as green business cards of urban roads, so they must be compliant and environmentally friendly. Chenglong H5 muck truck adopts green power such as Yuchai and Weichai, and electronically controlled common rail engine + SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology route, which can reduce PM2.5 emissions by more than 43%, effectively reducing air pollution sources.

With Fast 10-speed gearbox + Steyr rear axle, it forms a golden power match, which not only has a strong start and strong power, but also achieves economical fuel saving, easily conquers various harsh road conditions on the construction site, ensures the economy of operation, and makes the operation more efficient. More efficient and easier.

Dolling of goods has always been the key to the truck industry, and at a time when urban inspections are becoming more and more stringent, it is the kingly way to be able to achieve "compliance with Dora".

Chenglong H5 muck truck adopts lightweight design, and is equipped with aluminum alloy transmission, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air storage tank, etc., which realizes the systematic weight reduction of the whole vehicle. The lightest chassis weight is 9.2T, which improves the single The freight capacity can increase the income by about 8,000 yuan per year, allowing users to easily achieve more and more income. In order to enhance the carrying capacity of the vehicle and further improve the reliability of the vehicle, the Chenglong H5 muck truck adopts a unique keel frame design, and the girder is made of high-strength steel plate, which is formed by one-time stamping, which reduces the weight without reducing the bearing capacity.


Most of the transportation conditions of muck trucks are relatively dirty, so ensuring the comfort of users' work is also one of the magic weapons to improve operational efficiency. In order to improve the driving stability, the cab of the Chenglong H5 muck truck adopts a full-floating suspension design (four airbags are optional), which leads the country in ride comfort and is not afraid of bumps; comprehensive damping optimization + cab acoustic package optimization is carried out simultaneously, so as to accurately reduce the noise. Noise, eliminate tinnitus, and further reduce driving fatigue; super-large desert air filter, super filtering effect, running on construction sites and dusty roads, can completely filter out pollutants in the air; making the vehicle truly become the mobile home of the majority of card friends , so that users are not afraid of bumps and enjoy comfort!


As Chen Shiwu, the captain of the current fleet of Chenglong H5 muck trucks, said: "The company now has 70 Chenglong H5 muck trucks. Since it has been in operation for more than half a year, the driver has responded that the ride is comfortable, and the bad road conditions are not tiring. , and while the weight is light, the fuel consumption is also saved. From the perspective of myself and the driver, the Chenglong H5 muck truck is absolutely trustworthy."

Not only the team leader, but the driver Wei Wei also gave high praise to the Chenglong H5 muck truck. He told the reporter of Discovery Trust: "Chenglong H5 muck truck is the most comfortable of all the muck trucks I have driven so far. The seats are comfortable, it feels great to drive all day, and the car is very reliable. I have driven this car for more than half a year, and the tires have not been changed once."

It is precisely because of the affirmation of users that this honor has weight! ​​

Everything in the past is a prologue. In the future, Dongfeng Liuqi will continue to adhere to the core concept of "customer-centric" development, create more trustworthy products, undertake the mission of "ingenuity, help China's logistics industry take off", and "create technology to lead efficiency and enjoy trust" For the core value of the brand, we will continue to forge ahead and strive to realize the brand vision of "a professional market leader in logistics and transportation close to users"!