Lightweight, fuel-efficient and comfortable! Chenglong H5 won the "2021 Transporter's Word-of-mouth National VI Green Pass Model

On January 7, 2022, the "Zhiyuan Cup" 2021 Transporter's Word of Mouth Commercial Vehicle and Parts Selection Winner List hosted by was officially announced. Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H5 truck won the "2021 Transporter's Word of Mouth National VI Green Pass Model Award".


【Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV】

For the card friends who pull green currency, if they want to pull more goods under the premise of compliance with the standard load, the self-weight of the vehicle must be light enough; in addition, the green currency with high timeliness has the power and reliability of the logistics equipment. , and fuel consumption also put forward certain requirements; in addition, Lvtong Logistics, which has a relatively longer distance and a higher attendance rate, makes users more picky about the comfort of the vehicle.

Therefore, in response to the core demands of the current Green Pass users, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor has launched the Chenglong H5 Green Pass large RV as a logistics solution based on the scene-based demand of Green Pass, which integrates light weight, fuel saving and comfort.

The chassis material structure is optimized and the weight is reduced to 4.88 tons


If you want to increase the income of a single transportation, Dora is often a direct and effective method. However, for users who run Green Pass, high speed and compliance with the standard load are still the major prerequisites. Under the 18-ton gross weight limit of the conventional two-axle 6-meter 8-car model, if you want to do more, you can only reduce the weight of the car. The lighter the wagon, the more cargo the vehicle can pull, and the more revenue per trip.

In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV adopts a single-layer 6mm straight longitudinal beam, 8 front and rear 9+5 leaf springs, as well as an aluminum alloy fuel tank, an aluminum alloy air storage tank, an aluminum alloy transmission case and a tubeless tire, etc. 18 This lightweight design reduces the dead weight of the vehicle chassis to 4.88 tons under the premise of ensuring the load-bearing capacity, which is more than 100kg lighter than the products of competitors, which further improves the operating income while meeting the requirements of regulations.

Technology powered fuel saving, comprehensive fuel consumption reduced by 10%


Of course, most Lvtong users run long distances, and it is normal for a 6-meter-8 car owner to run 200,000 kilometers a year. In such a case, the fuel consumption of the vehicle will largely determine the operating cost of the user.

Therefore, in order to reduce the fuel consumption cost of users, the cab of the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV was born from the super lightweight quasi-heavy-duty cab platform of Dongfeng Liuqi. The cab of the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV is optimized for wind resistance and adopts a streamlined design, which can ensure that the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV has a streamlined design. The drag coefficient dropped to 0.527. In addition, the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV is matched with a mature power chain such as Yuchai YCS06 series engine + Fast extra large eight-speed box + 4.111 speed ratio drive axle, which can achieve 82km economic cruise per hour, and additionally supports the engine electronically controlled silicone oil fan, Multi-state switch and low rolling resistance tire technical support can reduce comprehensive fuel consumption by 10% and greatly reduce operating costs!

In addition, in order to ensure the attendance rate of the vehicle and allow users to get out of the car more, the oil change cycle of the engine/box/bridge part of the Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV has reached 60,000/120,000/60,000 kilometers, respectively. Achieve up to 60,000 kilometers of synchronous maintenance, minimizing the frequency of users entering the station.

Airbag seat + double bed, long-distance green pass can also be very comfortable


Different from the previous model of multi-pulling and running, today's Green Pass users can only drive more cars if they want to earn more money due to the relatively fixed compliant load quality of their vehicles. The work intensity and density of Green Pass users are also increasing day by day. Therefore, the driving comfort of the vehicle will largely determine the evaluation of Green Pass users on the vehicle.

In order to further improve the comfort of the vehicle, Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV is the first in the car dealership to apply massage airbag shock-absorbing seats and upgrade the leather fabric covering. The 2022 model upgrade, Chenglong H5 is also equipped with a new multi-function steering wheel (backlit buttons), 10.1-inch central control large screen, 7-inch color screen instrument, welcome light, sleeper table board and many other comfortable and technological configurations .


At the same time, in order to ensure that card friends can rest better during the delivery period, Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV also has a home-style sleeper with a width of 1000mm to choose from, and the extra large space brought by the cab with a high flat floor within 1.92 meters is spacious and comfortable. It is very suitable for couples, fathers and sons, and brothers to carry out the green pass bulk transportation for medium and long distances of more than 500km.

Combining the three core advantages of light weight, fuel saving and comfort, Chenglong H5 Lvtong RV is still very accurate to meet the needs of users engaged in medium and long-distance Lvtong bulk transportation. In terms of the improvement of users' actual operation experience, Chenglong H5 - 2021 Transporter's Word-of-mouth National VI Green Pass Model Award is well deserved.