Leading the new direction of the industry! Chenglong H7 battery swap heavy truck won the title of "green energy-saving tool"

At present, "energy saving and emission reduction" has become a common task of all countries in the world, and the vision of "carbon neutrality" has become a unified global goal. In 2020, my country put forward the "dual carbon" strategic goal, and as the first brand in the truck industry to release the "carbon peak" plan, Dongfeng Liuzhou seized the opportunity to actively practice the concept of green development, and is committed to the development of smart vehicles and low-carbon travel. Continue to cultivate deeply in terms of and user value, and set a benchmark for the truck industry. On December 23rd, in the annual event of "China on Wheels - The Power of the Country Blooms 2021" held by China Auto News, Chenglong H7 battery swap heavy truck was awarded the title of "Green Energy-saving Tool" again, which is the key to "building a century-old Liuzhou Auto". , the goal of strengthening the national auto brand" is one step closer.


[Chenglong H7 heavy duty truck was awarded the title of "Green Energy-saving Tool"]

Leading the new direction of the industry and launching the best products and services

Some data show that commercial vehicles consume 51% of gasoline and diesel with 20% of the car ownership, and at the same time produce 56% of road traffic carbon emissions. The pollutant emissions of one diesel heavy truck are equivalent to 306 passenger cars. Therefore, from the perspective of carbon neutrality, fuel substitution, and environmental protection, the demand for new energy for commercial vehicles is becoming more and more urgent.

Since July 1 this year, heavy-duty diesel vehicles have officially implemented the National VI emission standards, and the Chenglong brand closely follows the national policy. In order to respond to the national requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, Chenglong Trucks planned to complete the National VI products in advance in 2019 and completed the listing. In order to further respond to the national dual-carbon strategy, focusing on customer needs, it deepened the brand of "creating technology, leading efficiency and enjoying trust". Value, Dongfeng Liuqi not only released the first three-year action plan for carbon peaking in the industry, but also launched new energy product solutions such as Chenglong pure electric (electricity swap), hybrid power, and hydrogen fuel.

Battery swapping is a disruptive product and business model for the electrification of heavy trucks. As one of the pioneers of new energy replacement heavy trucks in the southern market, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile has provided a logistics solution for Chenglong H7 replacement heavy trucks for the short-term scenarios of power plants, mines, steel, ports, muck and other sites.


【Chenglong H7 battery replacement heavy truck logistics solution】

Among them, Chenglong H7 electric heavy-duty truck adopts Langao motor + Fast gearbox + 440 axles (5.571 speed ratio), which is efficient and reliable, and helps logistics timeliness; and Chenglong H7 uses the 282kWh battery of the domestic leading brand CATL as storage able device. Adopting the battery management mode of renting and selling, and separation of vehicle and electricity to meet the operational needs of customers; especially in terms of attendance guarantee, the replacement time of Chenglong H7 heavy-duty truck will be controlled within 5 minutes to achieve fast "charging". The battery life is worry-free, ensuring 24-hour uninterrupted and efficient operation, and greatly improving the attendance rate.

As a tool for users to make money, how to better save costs and operate efficiently is a problem that users have always considered. The Chenglong H7 battery swapping heavy truck has unparalleled advantages in terms of cost of use, transportation efficiency and environmental protection effects, and has become a "green energy-saving tool" in the market.

"The battery usage mode of Chenglong H7 replacement heavy truck is rented and sold on behalf of others. You only need to buy the vehicle chassis and bodywork. The battery rental system allows you to pay how much electricity you use, which greatly reduces the cost of new energy vehicles in the early stage of new energy models due to the purchase of batteries. Input cost; secondly, the application of the battery swap mode avoids the lower attendance rate of conventional charging models due to charging, and improves the scene adaptability; in addition, when working in a station, due to the inherent advantages of closed roads and other roads , which can avoid the lack of compliance loading caused by the high self-weight of the battery pack, and to some extent achieve 'compliance with more'." According to an expert analysis, under the blessing of the three advantages of cost, attendance rate and loading capacity , Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 battery swap heavy truck has launched the best products and services for commercial vehicle users with practical actions.